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Downloadable FrameScript 6 Scripts*      (To download, right click on the link and select Save link as...)
Update Dialog Dimensions
This script lets you view the dimension of the standard FrameScript 6 dialog boxes. Sometimes these can accidentally go out of range, especially if you change monitors. This script lets you correct those values to make the dialog boxes appear. This is a standard script, so you can run it by selecting it with the Run... menu item.
View References This script lets you view (and/or jump to) various types of objects in a FrameMaker document. These references include external image files, cross-references, variables, markers and text insets. It also includes a list of variable formats,so you can select a variable and insert it into the current document.

This is an event script. When it is installed it creates a menu item (under the FrameMaker Special menu) called View References. When you select this menu item, it brings up a dialog box which has a list of references on the left side and information about the selected reference on the right. Once you select the reference you wish, you can jump to it in the document, by pressing the Go to button. This is a modeless dialog, so you can continue to work in the document while it is on the screen. If you make changes (add references or change the active document), you can press the Refresh button to update the values.

 Archive Files (coming soon)

 A script to collect the all the referenced files in a document or book and save them to a zip file.

*These scripts are provided "as is". We hope they will be useful to FrameScript 6 customers and developers. However, these downloads are provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY whatsoever.
We make no claims as to even  their usefulness or any other implied use. Feel free to use them as you wish. Since the source code is provided, you can modify them to suit
your needs.
If you wish to contribute to this list, make suggestions for improvement, describe a useful (general purpose) script to be written or report a problem, 
send a message to techsup@ElmSoftOnline.com.
We reserve the right to determine what action will be performed for any of the above messages.